Handmade Oatcakes and Shortbread from Fife, Scotland

In days gone by, the working folk of Scotland would make large portions of oat porridge for breakfast, any left over was traditionally stored flat in a kitchen drawer where once dry it would stay fresh. A piece would be cut from the dry porridge and with the addition of cheese and fish would be used as the basis for lunch for the coming days. This gave rise to the saying you still hear today:

“Don't forget your piece!”

In honour of this tradition we have created a range of delicious, individually hand made Oatcakes, Shortbread and Highlanders. We never use artificial preservatives, colours, or flavours. Unique biscuits lovingly crafted from the finest ingredients and hand baked in Fife, Scotland.

Product of the Month!

Inspired by a classic Fife recipe, you will not have tasted anything like them. We use icing sugar to create this deliciously light shortbread and no artificial flavourings, preservatives or hydrogenated fat. They have a delicate sweetness and a freshness that only hand-making can bring.

The Independent

“Muesli doesn't come much more luxurious than this one from Fife-based bakers, Your Piece Baking. It's jammed with juicy fruit and all the oats used come from farms close to the bakery.”
The Independent 08.09.11

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